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SSD Data Recovery

Hard drives, SSD drives, Flash drives, SD cards any many more...

SSD Data Recovery – Hard Drive Data Recovery

We perform data recovery (e.g. logical, deleted file recovery, file system corruption repair etc.)

Physical data recovery (recoveries that require internal parts replacements and/or electronics board repair), including sophisticated cleanroom work and precision PCB repairs and re-programming.

Our experienced data recovery engineers utilize specialized, cutting-edge data recovery tools and have recovered hundreds of crashed and damaged hard drives.

With a Class 100 cleanroom equipment in-house, we are equipped to perform the highly delicate internal parts replacements required if your drive has suffered a physical failure (crash).

We perform all recoveries in-house – unlike so many companies that advertise “data recovery”, we are NOT just a drop-off depot that ships your drive off to some other service provider, where you typically have no control over where your drive is or who has access to your data.

Our Lab is a full-service data recovery lab with highly proficient and experienced technicians. Your drive doesn’t leave our facility, and you can speak directly to the technicians working on your case.

If you have special processing requirements, such as implementing additional security steps for your particular case, all you have to do is give us a call to discuss your needs and we will go out of our way to accommodate you.

Once we have finished the evaluation phase of your data recovery, to assist you in deciding whether to proceed, we will provide you with a file listing showing which files are recoverable and their status, along with a firm quote on your recovery.


Our pricing is competitive – many times less than that what some of the “big-name” data recovery companies may charge.

Recovery Steps

Send your drive to us

Alpha Geeks Pty Ltd
70 Barrier Street
Fyshwick Canberra ACT 2609

We will evaluate your drive, then contact you via email
We will tell you what we can recover and send you a list of possible files recoverable if possible.
You agree to complete the recovery (with full payment)
We send your restored files to you on the media of your choice (costs incurred). Return shipping is charged to the customer.

How much does it cost?

We do an evaluation of hard drive or device for $79 after which we can tell you what is wrong with the drive, the probability of recovery, and if possible we will provide you a list of recoverable files. thereafter we will provide a full quote..

We can recover data from,

USB Memory Sticks & Solid State Hard Drives
Digital Cameras: Storage Media Cards, Micro Hard Drives Flash Memory, Pen Drives, etc
Hard Drives: Desktops, Servers, Laptops, RAID arrays
Operating Systems: DOS, Mac OS, LINUX,
Windows Operating Systems: NT, Server, XP, NTFS, FAT

We can help with

Data Conversions and duplication’s
Hard drive recovery from internal electronic failure
Recovery from Corruption and Virus
Corruption and Deletions Damage from Lightning, Flood, and Fire
2.5, 1.8, and 1.5 Laptop data recovery
Power Supply Burn Out or Failure.
Formatted Hard Drive Recovery Software