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Lost Your Valuable Data? We Can Help!

Your data is the most critical asset on your computer, including irreplaceable photos, essential documents, creative works, music, and research papers.
Losing this data is not an option, as all computers can fail unexpectedly.
Establishing a comprehensive data backup plan is crucial to protect against hardware failures, software issues, accidental deletions, or cyber-attacks.

Setting up a reliable backup system using external hard drives, cloud storage, or both ensures your data is secure.

Regularly updating and verifying backups is essential for maintaining data protection. By being proactive, you can safeguard your digital life against any challenges. 

Hard Drive Data Recovery

Experiencing data loss with your Western Digital, Seagate, Toshiba, or other hard drives?

We handle issues from physical damage, logical failures, bad sectors, firmware problems, clicking noises, undetected drives, overheating, file corruption, accidental deletion, to virus attacks.

Our team is proficient with USB and SATA interfaces, ensuring compatibility with various devices. Using advanced tools and cleanroom environments, we tackle complex data recovery challenges.

Whether it’s a dropped Western Digital, clicking Seagate, or corrupted Toshiba, our expertise ensures successful data recovery. Trust us to restore your critical files with precision and care.

SSD Data Recovery

Our SSD data recovery service retrieves data from brands like Samsung, Crucial, Kingston, and SanDisk. We address physical damage, logical failure, bad sectors, firmware issues, overheating, file corruption, accidental deletion, undetected drives, virus attacks, and power surges.

Using advanced techniques, we achieve high success rates.

Whether it’s a crashed Samsung SSD or a damaged SanDisk drive, our professionals recover your data securely and efficiently. We handle complex scenarios with precision, using cutting-edge tools.

Trust us for unmatched SSD data recovery expertise. Our commitment to excellence ensures your valuable information is in the best hands.

RAID & Server Drive Data Recovery

Need reliable RAID data recovery for NAS, SAN, or other servers? Our team excels in recovering data from brands like Dell, HP, IBM, and Synology. We handle RAID controller failures, disk failures, data corruption, accidental formatting, and configuration issues. Whether RAID 0, 1, 5, or 10, we use advanced tools to recover your data securely and confidentially. Trust us for professional, efficient RAID data recovery services that prioritize your data’s safety and integrity.
Equipped with the latest technology and extensive experience, we handle complex RAID recovery scenarios promptly. Our process starts with a thorough assessment to determine the best recovery approach. Using state-of-the-art equipment, we ensure minimal downtime and disruption. We prioritize data confidentiality and security, adhering to strict privacy protocols. Our commitment to excellence makes us a trusted name for both small businesses and large enterprises, delivering top-notch RAID data recovery solutions.

NAS Data Recovery

Are you in need of reliable and trustworthy NAS data recovery services for your NAS, SAN, or other server systems? Look no further, as your search ends here with our expert team. We specialize in retrieving lost or inaccessible data from top-tier brands such as Dell, HP, IBM, and Synology. Our expertise extends to managing a wide range of issues, including RAID controller failures, disk malfunctions, data corruption, accidental formatting, and complex configuration problems.
Whether you are dealing with RAID levels 0, 1, 5, or 10, our highly skilled professionals utilize advanced tools and techniques to ensure the successful recovery of your valuable data. We are committed to providing effective, secure, and confidential solutions that are specifically tailored to meet your unique requirements. You can rely on us for professional, efficient, and comprehensive RAID data recovery services that prioritize the safety and integrity of your information. Trust our team to restore your data with the utmost care and precision.

USB Flash Drive Data Recovery

Our specialised USB data recovery service handles brands like Kingston, SanDisk, Lexar, and Samsung. We address issues such as accidental deletion, file corruption, physical damage, and unrecognised USB drives. Our technicians use advanced tools to recover data from USB flash drives, external hard drives, and memory sticks, including photos, videos, documents, and software. Trust us to securely recover your crucial data.
We tackle various data loss scenarios with advanced techniques and state-of-the-art equipment. Our process starts with assessing the damaged USB device, followed by meticulous data extraction to recover files in their original state. We prioritize data security and confidentiality, ensuring your privacy throughout the recovery process.Our service caters to both individuals and businesses, offering competitive pricing and a no-data, no-fee policy. Contact us to recover your lost data and get back to what matters most.

SD Card Data Recovery

We specialize in recovering lost or inaccessible data from a wide range of memory card brands, including well-known names like Kingston, SanDisk, Lexar, and Samsung. Our team of experts is adept at handling a variety of issues that can affect your memory cards, such as accidental formatting, file corruption, physical damage, and data inaccessibility. With the use of advanced tools and cutting-edge techniques, we are capable of recovering data from different types of memory cards, including CF cards, SD cards, microSD cards, and more.
Trust us to carefully restore your precious photos, videos, important documents, and cherished music files with the utmost precision and care. Our goal is to ensure that your valuable data is safely and securely recovered, giving you peace of mind. Whether your data loss is due to accidental deletion, hardware failure, or any other reason, our dedicated team is here to help you retrieve your important files and memories.

Laptop Data Recovery

Laptop hard drive data recovery is crucial for individuals and businesses facing data loss from hardware issues or accidental deletions.

Our expert technicians use advanced methods to securely and efficiently restore vital files from damaged hard drives.

Whether it’s family photos or business documents, we provide dependable recovery solutions tailored to your needs.

With state-of-the-art clean rooms and tools, we recover data from various laptop hard drive models and file systems, ensuring you can resume important activities.
Trust our expertise to recover your lost data and restore continuity to your life.

Apple Mac, MacBook, iMac Data Recovery

Our data recovery specialists excel in retrieving lost or deleted files from all Apple Mac devices, including MacBooks, iMacs, and Mac Minis. Whether due to accidental formatting, system crashes, or physical damage, we have the tools and expertise to recover your critical data. We handle various data loss scenarios, ensuring effective solutions for your needs.

With a high success rate and quick turnaround, we restore your files efficiently, minimizing downtime. Our certified technicians manage your sensitive data with utmost care and security, keeping it confidential throughout the process.
We also prioritize customer satisfaction with clear communication and support, keeping you informed and answering questions. Trust us for reliable, professional data recovery services, ensuring your valuable data is in safe hands.

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Steps for Data Recovery Service.

Step 1

Mail In or Dropoff

Step 2

Diagnosis Evaluation

Step 3


Step 4

Recovery Report

Step 5

Recovery Approval

Step 6

Final Data Recovery
Collect or Ship

How to Pack & Ship Your Hard drive for Safe Shipping and Postage

Make sure to ensure secure and robust packaging of the hard drive to guarantee its safe and undamaged shipment. Begin by placing the hard drive in an anti-static bag to protect it from electrostatic discharge, which can cause significant damage to the sensitive components. Next, use bubble wrap or foam padding to cushion the hard drive, providing a protective layer that absorbs shocks and vibrations during transit. Place the wrapped hard drive in a sturdy, appropriately sized box, ensuring there is no room for movement inside. Fill any remaining gaps with additional packing materials, such as packing peanuts or air pillows, to prevent shifting. Seal the box securely with strong packing tape, and clearly label it as “Fragile” to alert handlers to take extra care. By following these steps, you can significantly reduce the risk of damage and ensure the hard drive arrives at its destination in perfect working condition.

Shipping & Postage Instructions;

Request Booking, once completed, then carefully pack your device including your details.


The Post or Ship your device to:

21/63 Wollongong Street, Fyshwick Canberra ACT 2609

We recommend you add Tracking to your shipment.

Why we insist on performing Full Diagnosis & Evaluation on Recoveries?

Conducting a thorough diagnosis and evaluation is essential for effective hard drive recovery. Each hard drive presents unique challenges and potential issues. By meticulously assessing the drive’s condition, our specialists can formulate a customized recovery plan that optimizes the likelihood of retrieving your critical data. This detailed approach enables us to detect any underlying problems, such as physical damage or logical file system errors, and address them appropriately. Investing time in a comprehensive evaluation at the outset conserves time and resources in the long term, ensuring a higher success rate and reducing the risk of data loss. Our dedication to this rigorous process distinguishes us and provides you with confidence throughout the recovery process.

Every device is different, We do not make an estimated Guess for any Recovery or Possible Success Rates. 

Drive Not Working, What to do?

In the unfortunate event of data loss, it is crucial to immediately power down your drive to prevent any further damage or data corruption. We understand the urgency and stress that accompany such situations and are fully prepared to assist you with expert solutions. For professional guidance on the next steps to recover your valuable data, please contact AlphaGeeks at 02 51040855. It is essential to keep the drive off, as hard drives are sensitive devices that can suffer additional damage if mishandled. By keeping the drive powered down, you increase the chances of a successful data recovery. Our team of specialists is ready to provide you with the support and expertise needed to navigate this challenging situation.

Drive Not Working: What to Avoid

It is advisable to refrain from seeking assistance from unqualified individuals, such as friends, family members, or online sources, when dealing with data recovery. Despite their good intentions, their advice may lead to actions that could worsen the issue. Additionally, avoid using internet applications like Windows Check Disk or Mac First Aid Disk Check, as these tools lack the necessary sophistication to manage faulty drives and may inadvertently cause data rearrangement. This could result in permanent data loss or increase the cost of recovery. To maximize the chances of successful data recovery, it is crucial to maintain the drive in its original condition.

Drive Not Working: Websites to Avoid

It is important to exercise caution when dealing with websites that claim expertise in data recovery. These sites may use stock photos and present inflated success rates to mislead users. Such entities often outsource drives to unknown locations, overcharge clients, or attempt data recovery without proper equipment. To ensure the best outcome for your data recovery needs, rely on reputable professionals with the necessary expertise, resources, and commitment to quality service.

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